Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Great News for Homeowners in Kentland

County Exec Tours Kentland Home Restoration Project

HIP’s Stephanie Proestel points out improvements to County Exec. Rushern Baker while Maryann Dillon and Mary Hunter look on.
On May 12, Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker toured three blocks in the Kentland neighborhood of Landover, part of the County’s Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative. HIP, working in partnership with County agencies, the Neighborhood Design Center and Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland, spearheaded improvements for 25 low-income homeowners in this targeted area. In addition, HIP is acquiring and gut renovating four vacant homes in the area using Maryland Community Legacy funds as well as County resources. Repairs and upgrades were completed by JD Clark Professional Services, a County-based minority woman-owned business, and Denison Landscaping, a County-based family business.
The County’s TNI team provided grants of approximately $12,000 per homeowner to undertake improvements such as window and siding repair and replacement, roof repair and replacement, new entry doors and fixtures, gutters and painting, and landscaping based on scopes of work developed by Rutkove Building Consultants. The County’s Raincheck Rebate program provided another $40,000 to install rainbarrels and permeable pavers that will absorb stormwater runoff from over 11,000 square feet of previously impermeable surfaces. Prince George’s County Department of Public Works invested over $700,000 in street paving and sidewalk repairs. The Neighborhood Design Center planted 115 street trees through the Right Tree, Right Place program. And Habitat for Humanity completed weatherization work and home repairs worth $40,000 on four homes.
To learn more about the project and view the “Before and After” photos of the Kentlands Restoration Program, click here!
Ribbon Cutting
A proud homeowner cuts the ribbon to her walkway with Council Member Andrea Harris and others.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient At No Cost To You!

Contact me directly at 301.830.4149 so that I can walk you through the process.  This is for renters and homeowners.

EmPOWER Maryland Low Income Energy Efficiency Program

The EmPOWER Low Income Energy Efficiency Program helps low income households with installation of energy conservation materials in their homes at no charge. These improvements will both reduce a household’s energy use an​d lower the monthly utility bills, and will also make occupants more comfortable and may improve the air quality and overall health of the family.


Households may participate in the program if their annual household income is equal to or less than the equivalent of 200% of the federal poverty level. Please see the chart below to find out if your household income qualifies you to take advantage of this program. In addition to meeting income requirements, you must also have an account with one of the five participating utility companies (BGE, Delmarva, PE, Pepco and SMECO). If you own your home, you must also be able to prove ownership of your home. If you rent your home, your landlord must be able to prove ownership and agree to participate in the program.
To appl​y, please call the department's energy
efficiency programs at 1-855-583-8976.​

2015 Poverty Income Guidelines. Contiguous States U.S. Grantees. 

Effective February 6, 2015

​​Size of Family UnitFederal Poverty Level200% of Federal Poverty Level
For families with more than 8 persons, 100% of poverty level increases $4,160 for each additional person. Therefore, for weatherization at 200% of poverty level, add $8,320 for each additional person.


Once we have determined that your household is eligible to participate in the program, you will be contacted by a local agency that will schedule a time for your home to receive an energy audit. The audit will prioritize the most effective ways to reduce your energy costs while increasing comfort. The local agency will discuss the results of the energy audit with you and schedule a contractor to come out to your home to complete the recommended work. As part of this process, the local agency will ask you to share information on your energy bills and may talk to you about things that you and your family can do to save even more energy. After the energy efficiency upgrades have been made to your home, the local agency will conduct another evaluation of your home to ensure that your home is operating more efficiently.
The program may provide the following improvements​ to make your home safer, healthier and more energy efficient:
  • Insulation in the attic, floors and walls;
  • Hot water system improvements;
  • Lighting retrofits;
  • Furnace cleaning, tuning and safety repairs;
  • Refrigerator retrofit, if applicable;
  • Health and safety items.



Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
Housing and Building Energy Programs
7800 Harkins Road, Lanham, MD 20706

Funding is provided for this program through EmPOWER Maryland partners:

Baltimore Gas and Electric
Baltimore Gas and Electric
Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative
Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative
Delmarva Power
Delmarva Power
Potomac Edison
Potomac Edison
Potomac Electric Power Company
Potomac Electric Power Company

Thursday, January 7, 2016

FREE Home Energy Audits for Veterans and Active Military from SMECO!

Patriot Connect

Patriot Connect is a SMECO program designed to help veterans and active military personnel who may be having a difficult time transitioning back into the community.
As reports in the media indicate, the high incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among military personnel has been at the root of an increased number of suicides. Nationally, as many as 22 veterans commit suicide every day, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
For vets who may be unable to cope, dealing with a termination notice from SMECO could be the last straw. So we are reaching out to the men and women who have served our country in an effort to help prevent an unnecessary tragedy.

What is SMECO doing?

For new customers, SMECO’s customer service personnel are empowered to waive the service application fee and the customer deposit for eligible veterans and military personnel.
For existing customers, customer service personnel may grant an extension for eligible veterans or active military personnel in need of assistance.

Working with local agencies:

SMECO is working with local agencies that provide services to veterans and military personnel, as well as organizations that provide funds to support veterans, because these agencies can help promote this program to the people who need it.

What is SMECO’s goal?

Our goal is to help someone who is suffering from a stress disorder get one step closer to a normal life. By making it easier for people with PTSD, combat stress, or related trauma to accomplish everyday tasks, we hope to help customer-members—people who have risked their lives in service to our country—with reintegrating into the community.

For Bill Payment Assistance:

Maryland Office of Home Energy Programs
Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee 
301-274-4474301-475-5574301-870-3770, or 410-535-1010
Prince George’s County Department of Social Services 

For Financial Assistance:

Semper Fi Fund (Post-9/11 wounded)
VFW/American Legion Posts (Veterans only)
Salvation Army/WAFF
301-638-9532 (Call for an appointment)
Interfaith Community Connection 

For Other Assistance:

Maryland Commitment to Veterans 
(Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)
Southern Maryland JobSource 
Prince Frederick - 443-550-6750
Waldorf - 301-645-8712
Leonardtown - 301-880-2800

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elysian Energy Offers Home Energy Check-Up to Dominion VA Power Subscribers

Home Energy Check-Up

How does it work?

Check out our video detailing the measures and benefits!

Getting Started

Have a Home Energy Check-Up completed and you’ll receive a personalized report showing the projected energy and potential cost savings you could earn resulting from the implementation of options identified during the check-up.
Once you provide documentation that some of the recommended energy efficiency improvements have been made, a portion of the check-up price will be refunded, up to the full price of the check-up for measures completed at the time of the check-up.

Program Details

This program can help reduce costs while improving the efficiency of your home. We make it easy to participate and customize the recommendations to maximize the benefits for you.
The Home Energy Check-Up provides you with:
  • An on-site analysis of your  energy use
  • A report which contains cost-effective options and easy-to-follow recommendations to help you reduce your energy usage
  • Financial incentives that cover approved measures
  • Connection to prequalified contractors who can perform the work
  • Equipment installation at your convenience
Dominion’s Home Energy Check-Up offers incentives for the installation of a variety of energy saving measures, including:
  • compact florescent light bulbs,
  • efficient faucet aerators and showerheads,
  • replacement air filters for air conditioners,
  • door weather-stripping, and
  • smart outlet strips.
Here's a complete list of approved measures.

The Results

The average one-time incentive is approximately $230, based on the number of energy saving measures installed during the visit.
Note: One audit per location.

Participate Now

Contact local, participating contractor at Elysian Energy or Operations Director, Whitney Cooper at 240-393-4495 or
On the day of the Home Energy Check-Up the contractor will do the following:
  • Perform a 2-3 hour walkthrough of your home
  • Upon completion of the Home Energy Check-Up, the contractor will generate a personalized report that recommends certain direct install measures that can be completed the day of the check-up and are eligible for rebates as well as project more advanced savings opportunities you can also take advantage of.
  • Ask for your information in order to complete the electronic rebate application for you
You will receive a confirmation email the day your rebate information is received.  After you receive the initial confirmation email, you can check your rebate status using Manage Your Account or by calling 1-888-366-8280.
Your rebate check will be mailed directly to you. Customers may also assign their rebate directly to the contractor for instant savings on the cost of services. Not all contractors offer the instant rebate option. Contact your participating contractor for additional rebate details.
For more information, check out the program FAQs or call 1-888-366-8280.

Additional Information

Friday, February 13, 2015

Maryland's Tax Free Weekend for Certain Energy Star Products

Shop Maryland Energy

From the MD Comptroller Website

Maryland's Tax Free Weekend for Certain Energy Star Products
Consumers will get a break from the state's 6 percent sales tax on qualifying Energy Star products from February 14-16, 2015. During Shop Maryland Energy weekend, the following Energy Star products are tax free:
  • Air conditioners
  • Washers and dryers
  • Furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Boilers
  • Solar water heaters (tax-exempt at all times now)
  • Standard size refrigerators
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) light bulbs
Shop Maryland Energy weekend will occur in perpetuity (or until legislative amendment) from the Saturday immediately preceding the third Monday in February until the third Monday of February. Additionally, a tax free week on clothing and footwear priced $100 or less will occur every year during the second week of August.
From 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, February 14, through midnight on Monday, February 16, 2015, qualifying ENERGY STAR products will be exempt from Maryland’s six percent sales tax. A list of exempt and taxable items is available on the Comptroller’s Web site at, or by calling the Taxpayer Service Section at 410-260-7980 in Central Maryland or toll-free 1-800-MD TAXES from elsewhere.
More information on Shop Maryland Energy

Links for Shop Maryland Energy
Agency Information
Office of the Comptroller
Comptroller Initiatives
Shop Maryland Energy