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Volume V, Number 1January 2012
eMDE is a quarterly publication of the Maryland Department of the Environment. It features articles on current environmental issues and events in the state. 
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General Assembly 2012: Our environment 
Environmental issues are front and center in the Maryland General Assembly's 2012 session, with Governor O'Malley introducing legislation that will encourage smarter growth and help to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.
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Most detailed Bay cleanup plan yet now available for comment 
An updated draft of Maryland's Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan ---- the most detailed action plan yet for restoring the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries ---- is available for public review and comment. 
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MDE headlines
"Debunking the 'Job Killer' Myth," Bay restoration fee increase "money well spent," healthier air.
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Western Maryland river cleanup spawns dollars
Decades of runoff from abandoned coal mines all but killed Western Maryland's North Branch Potomac. But the fish have returned -- along with anglers, boaters and their wallets. 
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Plumbing the depths of Maryland's water supply
From the sandy Eastern Shore to the craggy Appalachian Plateau, scientists and engineers are taking stock of Maryland's water supply to help ensure that a growing thirst for water won't leave the resource depleted. 
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Handle with care: Trucking, tracking radioactive waste through Maryland 
In the remote desert of southeastern New Mexico, salt beds nearly a half-mile underground store radioactive waste. But the material has to get there safely ---- and that's where MDE plays a key role.
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Lowering the boom on oil spills
MDE recently took to the waters of Baltimore Harbor for a dry run ----helping emergency workers from throughout the region to be ready for an oil spill.
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Charging forward by car
Drivers of electric vehicles might want to start mapping out that road trip.
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Nominate your environmental hero
Nominations are now open for the 2012 Tawes Award for a Clean Environment and the James B. Coulter Government Employee Award.
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Trash to treasure: MDE's "Rethink Recycling" sculpture contest
A larger-than-life portrait of Lady Gaga ---- made from soda bottle caps, utensils and compact discs, won the top prize at MDE's 10th annual "Rethink Recycling" sculpture contest.
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eMDE briefs
Extreme Home Makeover, MDE and social media, Clean Commute Contest.
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