Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stay Cool this Summer

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Easy Tips to Stay Cool (and Save Energy) This Summer

Green the Block,, is offering some simple summer tips to stay cool and save energy. Find a few tips below and at this link.

1. Using operable windows, shutters, awnings, and vents as originally intended to control the interior environment.

2. Place your air conditioner in a central window, rather than a corner window, to allow for better air movement.

3. Fans can make rooms feel five to ten degrees cooler and use 80% less energy than air conditioners.

4. To get the hot air out at night: open the downstairs windows, and use window fans in upstairs windows to suck large volumes of hot air out of the top floor of the house. On really hot evenings, run bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans for an hour.

5. Unplug the AC to DC power converters when they're not needed. Some of them use electricity even when nothing's attached to them, and they produce heat when they consume power. Feel each plugged-in power converter. If it's cold, it is not using much electricity and isn't warming your house. If it's hot, unplug it if possible.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning for Busy People

It’s hard to carve out a block of time to do any big projects, which is what spring cleaning is to most families.
But there are fun ways to set it up and accomplish a lot of these tasks while getting a refreshed feeling toward your home and the summer yet to come!

Here are some quick ideas:

• Put music on while you are spring cleaning.

• Make a list and do some small tasks first giving you a feeling of accomplishment.

• Treat yourself after you finish some tasks whether it’s a movie, a meal out, whatever constitutes a reward for you.

• Make a list with some easy tasks at the top and then a priority task or two next that you really want to finish this spring. Refrain from making too long a list which will seem never-ending. You can always add later.

• If you have older children, involve them too. Put on their music for some of the time as well and design little treats around their desires. Nothing has to be expensive, just fun.

• Get real. If you are cleaning out a closet and haven’t worn that size since high school or haven’t worn it for a year or more, donate it. You’ll get a good feeling when donating which will help with the motivation to do more cleaning.

There are fun ways to do any big project in the home!

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