Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Water Conservation-Part 1

This post is courtesy of HWA Home Waranty.

Water is becoming more precious than gold! Droughts in our country and around the
world have people and nations fighting over it, and it’s getting more and more expensive.
We need to conserve it, and the payoffs are a lower water bill and enough of this precious
resource for everyone. Here are some good ideas to start your conservation program.
Teach everyone in the family.

• Instruct your entire family to turn the water off while brushing their teeth.

• Don’t let water run while washing dishes, fill the sinks for wash and rinse.

• Do not use your toilet as a garbage can for trash like tissues, cigarette butts, etc.

• Check for leaks. In your toilet’s tank, drop in a small amount of food coloring.
Wait 30 minutes or so and if some color appears in your toilet bowl, you have a
leak that needs to be repaired right away. Replacements parts are easy to install.

• When replacing toilets, buy low flush. You’ll save anywhere from 2-4 gallons of
water per flush. If your toilet was built before 1992, it is highly likely you have a
much less efficient toilet.

• Use water meter to check for water leaks. Check the meter and stop water use in
your home for two hours. Check the meter after. If there is no change, then you
have no leaks. If there is a change, look at toilets, sinks, and pipes for leaks to fix.
A small leak in a faucet can use up to 20 gallons of water a day!

• Replacing your clothes washer can save a lot of water. ENERGY STAR washers
use 35-50% less water and 50% less energy per load.

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