Monday, February 1, 2010

Easy Ways to Conserve Water in Your Home - Part 2

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Water is becoming more precious than gold! Droughts in our country and around the
world have people and nations fighting over it, and it’s getting more and more expensive.
We need to conserve it, and the payoffs are a lower water bill and enough of this precious
resource for everyone. Here are some good ideas to start your conservation program.
Teach everyone in the family.

• Place plastic bottles or float booster in your toilet tanks. You can put a couple of
inches of sand or pebbles in the bottles. Do not let them impede the operation of
the mechanisms. Make sure the toilet flushes properly (toilets generally require 3
gallons of water). You can save 10 gallons of water a day with this method.

• Insulating your water pipes is another good way to save water, and it’s easy and
inexpensive. Purchase pre-slit foam pipe insulation at your hardware store.
You’ll get hot water faster and eliminate wasting it while it heats up.

• Limit shower times. You can waste up to 10 gallons a minute. 2-3 minute
showers are enough to get in, soap up and rinse off. Do personal grooming
activities outside the shower.

• Install water-saving shower heads or restrictors which are easy to install.
You can fit all of your home’s faucets with aerators as well. These are big water
conservation methods, easy and inexpensive.

• Check out our other articles on Xeriscaping – What is it? and Rainwater
Harvesting. Ask your Realtor to send them to you.

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