Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eco - Friendly Projects in DC

From Earth Conservation Corp.

To empower our endangered youth to reclaim the Anacostia River, their communities and their lives.


Earth Conservation Corps Environmental Career Center
The Earth Conservation Corps Environmental Career Center is the home to our premier workforce readiness and training program. Twenty-four, out-of-school young adults (17-25 years old) participate in professional skill development training, including those requiring certifications. Training programs will focus on green industry jobs (e.g., construction safety training, basic energy efficiency audits and weatherization, meter installation). Transitioning corps members into jobs, pre-apprenticeships, and/or advanced level training are the core outcomes of the Career center programs.

Youth Advocate Program
The Youth Advocate Program is a school-based, adult mentoring program. A youth advocate meets with 25 ninth grade students, 2-3 times per week after school for the duration of the school year and part of the summer. Youth advocates provide the support students need to stay in school, and to succeed both at home and in their communities. Students (referred to as “Jr. Corps Members) participate in academic, career exploration, and environmental education activities to increase their academic, environmental, social and life skills.

Marina Program at Diamond Teague Park
The new Marina has been built by the District of Columbia around one of the ECC’s environmental centers, the Pump House. In partnership with Coastal Properties, the Marina program provides employment for corps members as managers of the Marina, and as dock hands to assist travelers off vessels to attend Nationals baseball games as well as other local activities. In addition, the PumpHouse and the Matthew Henson Center offer attractive venues for the community to hold special exhibits, events and meetings with a donation.

Environmental Education & Leadership Development Program
The ECC uses hands on, outdoor activities and its Raptors to teach Corps members the knowledge and skills necessary to become leaders and ambassadors of their environment. They learn about the impact pollution has on people, wildlife and the environment. Corps members lead volunteers during community service projects that clean and restore the Anacostia River and watersheds. Schools can also schedule environmental education activities at one of our education centers or at their school. Media arts training provide Corps members the basic skills to record and produce the footage of their activities, and an understanding of how media can be used as part of their civic engagement and outreach strategy. Recorded activities are then uploaded on our website and social media networks in order to increase awareness, educate the general public about environmental issues, and ways they too can get involved.

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